What are some unexplored/uninhabited/isolated places on Earth?

As far as the most isolated places on Earth go…

You have the Kerguelen islands which are in the Indian Ocean and the closest country and specifically island country is Madagascar which is 3,000 km away. The only people who are on the islands are French scientists – and the island doesn’t have an airport, which means that you can get off it only by boat – and it comes every 3 months to the islands.

Tristan de Cunha is an island in the Atlantic Ocean – with more than 200 people living on it and the closest country is South Africa, which is more than 2,000 km away. There are no airports and boats from South Africa come in total 9 times during the whole year.

Alert, Nunavut, Canada is the northernmost permanently inhabited place – it has a population of 62 people and is very close to the North Pole. Temperatures in Alert can fall to -50°C. In other words, it is not only isolated with its location in the northermost part of Canada, but it is also very hostile in terms of climate.

And some unexplored places are the Gangkhar Puensum mountain in Bhutan and the Muchu Chhish in Pakistan.

Gangkhar Puensum is an unclimbed mountain due not only to the fact that it would be one of the hardest mountains to climb, but also because it is illegal – the Bhutanese government banned climbing the mountain for (apparently) religious reasons. So, as far as the current situation goes, no one can go there and it stays a mountain which has not been climbed by any person.

Muchu Chhish is a mountain in Pakistan which has not been climbed by any person – mainly because it is so steep that it would be extremely hard to even try.

Yeah, not really safe…

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