The travel gadgets you need for a high-tech summer break

You’ve planned your flights, booked your hotel, and now you’re eagerly waiting to set your out-of-office.

But before you make it to the airport for your summer holiday, there are a few things you need to do first. Namely, get all the travel gadgets you need to supercharge your summer break.

Here are the best travel gadgets 2018 for a tech-filled holiday.

The best travel gadgets 2018

1. The smart e-reader: Kindle Paperwhite

There may be nothing like the feel of a book but there is also nothing like the weight of eight books in your suitcase.

Instead, for reading aficionados the Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader on the market for your holiday. The device has an eight-week battery life, meaning you can leave that charger at home, and the black and white screen means there is no glare under direct sunlight.

Perfect for beach-time reading.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (Amazon)


2. The smart headphones: Sony WH-1000XM2 wireless headphones

Forget crying babies and noisy arguments on airplanes, you need some noise-canceling headphones to blank out all the other, well, people.

Sony’s latest wireless headphones will do just that. Featuring industry noise-cancellation that blocks out everyday noise, the headphones are formulated perfectly for flights with an atmospheric pressure function that delivers a great sound at high altitudes.

Best of all, the headphones have no wires for ultimate comfort.

Sony WH-1000XM2 wireless headphones (Sony)


3. The smart sun app: HappySun

HappySun has a simple mission: to banish sun burn. The app uses satellite data to measure the UB dose where you are. Using this, it gives you personalised advice on when to top up your suncream and what SPF top use.

It even has a timer to warn you to get out of the sun if you’re close to burning time.

The HappySun app calculates when you need to re-apply suncream (HappySun)

Available for free on iOS and Android  

4. The smart sunglasses: Snap Spectacles

Snap Spectacles are back and the second iteration of the wearable camera sunglasses aims to be better and more stylish than the last.

The new Spectacles can capture photos, 10-second videos, and 30-second videos.

And whilst you probably wouldn’t wear them as sunglasses all the time, they’re perfect for a trip away as you can take pictures and record memories without interrupting the moment with a smartphone screen.

The new specs are water-resistant too, so you can splash and swim with them until your heart is content, or your Snapchat app is full of images.

The new Snap Spectacles come in three colours: Onyx, Ruby and Sapphire (Snap)


5. The smart suitcase: Away

Need a suitcase that keeps your phone charged up and your clothes crease-free for when you arrive?

Then you need an Away case. Created by Jen Rubio and Steph Korey, Away’s sleek cases want to make travel a seamless, more enjoyable experience.

Available in eight different colours, the cases feature special compression technology to keep your clothes crease-free. And, the battery pack in the suitcase is on hand for extra charging, so your smartphone won’t die when you need to find the address of your Airbnb.


Prices start from £225

6. The smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S9+

You’re going to need a good smartphone to take excellent images when you’re away. With all the releases this year, Samsung says it has nailed the camera with the Samsung Galaxy 9+ smartphone.

The smartphone has three cameras, featuring a super speed dual pixel sensor and duel aperture, to take pictures the way a human eye sees them.

For video, there’s a new super slow-mo feature which can capture 960 frames per second.

As well, the smartphone is IP68 water resistant so you can drop it in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes and it should still be fine.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 sees the fingerprint scanner moved to under the camera (Richard Drew/AP )

Prices start from £869

7. The smart trainers: Adidas Originals Deerupt

Adidas’s Deerupt trainers are the shoes everyone will be wearing this summer.

With an all-over grid design, the ultra-light trainers are cushioned to lock in the foot with specially moulded foot pockets.

Whilst the trainers are technically designed for running, the shoes are perfect for exploring in, thanks to the comfort and performance of Adidas’s specifically designed sockliner.

Adidas Deerupt trainers (Adidas)



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