Spanning our Hudson Valley travel guide

There were no bridges crossing the Hudson River between the Capital Region and New York City before 1924. That’s right, we were flying airplanes nonstop cross-country before a car in Poughkeepsie could drive to Highland (4 miles as the crow flies) without going north or south more than 60 miles and then driving 60 or so miles on the other side. So the bridges that cross the river are fairly new in the scheme of things, and must have transformed the already long-settled life in the Hudson Valley when — one by one — they were opened.

Since there are so many ways a travel guide of this vast and varied region could be divided and conquered, we thought it would be fun to look at some of its coolest destinations bridge by bridge — at least the ones between Bear Mountain and the Berkshire Spur — using each as a starting point for exploration. It’s from these spans that you can look east and west, north and south, and discover the countless treasures the Hudson Valley holds.
We’re here to share a few with you. Hopefully, you will find a new one to explore.

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