Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Planning a much-needed getaway for just the two of you in Europe? Pick a relatively untravelled destination to make the most of this precious time together. Here are a few offbeat honeymoon destinations worth looking up right away:

Amalfi Coast

If its beaches, sun and wine on your mind, Amalfi is your honeymoon destination. It is easy to leave a piece of your heart behind in this stunning coastline in southern Italy. The landscape here is both beautiful and dramatic. Rows upon rows of pastel buildings cascade down precipitous hillsides into the glittering Mediterranean, in a near vertical!


Pick a place in Positano or Amalfi, and the enigmatic ocean views, sun-filled piazzas and seaside cafés with the delicious limoncello will make you two fall some more in love. Take walks exploring the mountainside, following the marked trails, or get lost if you please. Spend a cosy afternoon in the picturesque fishing village, Cetara, much known for its gastronomical delights. If travelling in summer, look up the Ravello Festival and enjoy music in cliff-edge gardens with views stretching far into the horizon.


Bruges is perfect for honeymooners. A medieval town right out of a story book, with soaring church spires, narrow cobbled streets and charming market squares joined by dreamy canals. However short be your visit, this small Belgian town is sure to envelope you in its fuzzy warmth. Its magic is best played out in the love song ‘Char Kadam’ in the Anushka-Aamir starrer, PK. With love in the air, be sure to take your date on a boat ride in this ‘Venice of the North’.


Take a romantic stroll, snuggle up in a cosy café, spend some geeky time together exploring Bruges many art galleries and museums, or swing to some jazz in the evenings. Oh, and don’t miss indulging in the two Belgian favourites: beer and chocolate.


Located between France and Italy, Corsica offers a splendid escape without having to travel much. The astounding geographical diversity in this tiny island will take you by surprise. Within half an hour the landscape changes from pristine beaches, rugged peaks and picturesque hilltop villages to dense forests and coastal cities, giving you incredible variety to make your Corsican honeymoon one to cherish forever!


To add to its mystique, the island (though officially a part of France) has its own distinct cuisine, language, culture and music. Not to mention, that with its exceptional Mediterranean climate, Corsica can be visited at any time of the year. This stunning location forms a backdrop to Deepika and Ranbir’s love story in Tamasha; enticing enough to make you relive your romance here.

French Riviera

There are fewer travels more romantic than a trip to the French Riviera, as the Mediterranean region along southeast France is called. Once a popular vacation spot of the aristocrats, rich and famous, it plays host to international celebrity events like the Cannes Film Festival and the Formula One Grand Prix held in Monaco.

The region offers experiences that will make you go weak in your knees: from breakfast on the beach, a vineyard visit together, to a walk in fields of lavender, and holding hands watching the sunset from one of its white-sand beaches. Go ahead, and find your own reasons to fall with the Riviera.


Are you both into adventure and exotica? Then a honeymoon in Iceland is for you. Situated far up north, just below the Arctic Circle, this Nordic island is a land of astounding natural wonders. It is home to some of Europe’s largest glaciers, as well as active volcanoes, giving it the epithet ‘the land of fire and ice’. There is nothing more thrilling than diving into one of its many natural hotsprings, or geothermal pools, on a chilly day; with the water a comfortable 20 degrees even as the air outside freezes you!


It is also the land of long days and long nights, with near 24-hour sunlight in summer, and winters sans any daylight. The landscape here offers a plethora of activities to enjoy with your partner: rafting, diving, hiking, surfing, jeep safaris, to name a few. Or just spend days floating in the warm blue waters together for that fuzzy romantic feeling. The dark winters here play host to one of the most spectacular natural phenomena’s: the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. A getaway with your special someone could not be better planned!

Seiser Alm

This idyllic meadow high up in the Italian Alps, Seiser Alm, is a honeymooners’ dream. Situated in the majestic Dolomite mountain range in the north of Italy, its rolling landscape stretches on for as far as the eye can see. Covered in a sheen of snowy white in winters, and lush greens with bright flowers in the summers, its beauty is almost surreal. The gorgeous views from here will give you goose bumps, telling you that there’s no other place you’d rather be with the love of your life.


So make the most of it; get a leisurely tan, sip on some local wine, go on long walks, and watch the tall grey peaks turn a blush pink at sunset. For the adventure-seekers, this is just the place to hike (in summers) or ski (in winters), with a chance to enjoy the breathtaking panorama from the ski lifts.


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