Life in Spain – An Expat’s Guide to What It’s Really Like

Europe is the third largest country after France and Russia-Spain. After seeing a glimpse of the cities full of its beaches and historic buildings, you may want to spend all the holidays in different corners of this country. Something similar happened to me, when I got an opportunity to see the beauty of this country in May. After spending the first three days in Madrid’s capital Madrid, I felt like I was reading that book of history whose first chapter was Madrid. In the modern age of 21st century, this city has kept the history of its history very beautifully.

Glimpse of artistic history

To see the fascinating look of artistic history, visit the museums here, where the works of the famous painters of the world are waiting to surprise you. Prado, Rhina Sophia and Thixen Bornitza museums will find real artifacts of famous painters such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Von Gogh, Mone, Mereo, Goya. Here’s a wonderful lifestyle that seems like announcing that life is like an open book here.

City of royal palaces Madrid

Church, Cathedral and many royal palaces are full of Madrid These buildings in Gothic, Renaissance and Moorish style are a testimony to the rich history of Spain. Historical facts prove that in the 9th century, Madrid was discovered by the fifth richest Muhammad I of the Umayyad dynasty, and the rule of the Arabs remained till the 11th century. After that Roman King Alfonso IV took the city into its possession.

Arabic effect

Due to being ruled by the Arabs for nearly two hundred years, the effect of Arabic architecture on the historic buildings of this country can be easily seen. There is also arabic effect on the language here. Buildings made in mixed style of Roman and Arabic are a matter of curiosity for tourists. Barcelona is the second main city in the country after Madrid. Being close to the sea, industrial and tourist activities are more visible in this city. After organizing the Olympic Games here in 1992, all the facilities are very much seen.

Enjoy the beach

To enjoy the landscapes of this country naturally beautiful miles, go to cities like Santander, Valencia, Koruna or San Sebastian, where the Mediterranean Sea welcomes you with an open heart. I got the chance to see some other coastal towns like Alicante, Malaga, Cadiz, Palma, Ibiza, whose beauty I had closed in my camera. Looking at the natural diversity of Spain, it seems as if God has scattered his beautiful colors around the land of this country. There are numerous forests and game reserves in northern Spain’s high mountains, where it is common to encounter peculiar animals. Northern Spain is surrounded by glaciers, alpine lakes and various flowers and plants, and is ideal for winter sports and outdoor adventure. Being the middle part of Spain is considered useful for cultivation. Wheat, millet, grapes and olive cultivation are mainly here.

Full of geographic diversity

Western Spain is known as the ‘Green Spain’ surrounded by the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean water. On the eastern coast of Mediterranean or Mediterranean Spain, you will find sandy and marshy land which is ideal for grapes and olive cultivation. South Spain is very close to the Mediterranean and its southern state is connected to this ocean. Seelaa, along with the changing coastline, along with many marine creatures, birds and amazing beauty of nature can be seen. Like India, Spain is also considered to be a country of diversity. After assimilating various civilizations and the heritage of Phoenician, Roman, Islamic and Christian heritage, Spain’s variety is also interesting as well as interesting. The effect of these civilizations can be seen clearly in Spanish culture. Go to any part of Spain, you will look different from each other, taste of food, traditional costumes and festivals will also be different.

Welcome to Strangers Total Spain is a beautiful, convenient and progressive country where people want to focus and welcome strangers. Gujari shops in Spain will always be remembered for their colorful and fun. The tastes of various dishes here will keep you in your mouth for a long time and will remind you of Spain again and again. In the history of many cities of this country roaming around the streets of the cities, and in the form of large and excellent architectural samples, the buildings and the royal palaces will force you to think that history has been born here. You will definitely make the promise of once again coming back to this country by saving the natural beauty of Spain and your memories.

View of bullfight

Bullfight is often the essential part of all fairs. This is one of the most popular sports in Spain. There is a lot to Spain for shopping enthusiasts. The most popular among them are leather made items and shoes. Spanish leather is world famous for its quality. Carved leather shoes are the specialty of this country, which you can buy anywhere in Spain. If there is a price change in rupees, then everything will look very expensive. It would be better to buy things in the euro itself and not adopt the viewpoint of comparison. There may be language problem in some places. This problem is very high in small towns, where most shopkeepers neither speak English nor understand.Yes, sign language will be used to buy goods, but in big cities people speak and understand English. Painted glasses and wood products are also special. Paintings and pottery made on ceramic tiles are also famous in Handicrafts of Spain. If you want to buy latest style clothing then you will find many shops of high fashion in Spanish cities and branded clothing from all the famous fashion designers.

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