Everyone except bride in on midair marriage proposal

Greg McGhie proposed to partner Amber-Jane Knap while they were taking a flight above the lower North Island.
Greg McGhie proposed to partner Amber-Jane Knap while they were taking a flight above the lower North Island.

By THOMAS HEATON– After months of planning and trying to keep his plans secret, Greg McGhie’s midair proposal nearly went awry.

A recently graduated pilot, McGhie began planning his proposal a couple of months ago before popping the question to his girlfriend of two years Amber-Jane Knap while 500 feet in the air.

Weather nearly got in the way, and he had to delay the flight by a day, having initially wanted to pop the question on Friday.

But he managed to take off on Saturday without a hitch, getting himself a yes in the process.

Under the guise of having a nice trip together, McGhie invited Knap, who had never been in such a small plane, on a flight.

“I was feeling pretty sick at the time,” Knap said.

Armed with a camera, and a sick-bag for good measure, Knap was taking photos of the scenery as they flew around the lower North Island.

While they were flying, Knap’s mother and step-father set up a 2.5 by 8-metre sign saying “will you marry me” on one of the family home’s paddocks.

“We were just over 500 feet… so it had to be quite a large sign. I was was hoping she would be able to see it,” McGhie said.

Knap missed the sign though, as she was too busy  taking photos to take notice.

“I just saw something in the paddock and thought they were digging something up,” she said.

McGhie insisted they do another fly-by.

“[Eventually] when I saw it, I screamed,” she said. “I turned around and he had the ring and everything. I just started bawling. It was so neat.”

McGhie said: “It wasn’t perfect, but it all worked out wonderfully.”

He worked on coming up with “some sort of plan”, but some fell through, until he came up with this idea.

And keeping it secret proved difficult for everyone involved.

“I roped everyone in to help get it all together in the last couple of weeks. They were just trying to avoid talking to Amber.”

Now they are already planning for next year’s wedding, and will be getting married on the same day as Knap’s grandmother did.

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