15 Things Every Pilot Should Have On Their Bucket List

By Swayne Martin– You have your pilot’s license. Here are some things to add to your bucket list:

1) Instrument Rating

It’ll make you a safer and more confident pilot. Get your instrument rating and request a block altitude for some cloud surfing.

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2) Coast To Coast Cross Country Flight
Flying low and slow from coast to coast across the United States will give you a new appreciation for our nation. Plan your route and make plenty of sightseeing stops along the way!


3) Seaplane Trip In Alaska

Bush flying is something that nearly every pilot dreams of. With few roads, to really see Alaska you’ll want to try flying with floats.


4) Flying Gliders

For pilots used to flying with engines, the silence of a glider flying is unforgettable. Flying gliders will teach you how to use thermals and air currents to your advantage.


5) Multi-Engine Rating

Learning to fly a multi-engine airplane will help develop your multi-tasking skills. Your workload is doubled when you’re monitoring and caring for two engines.


6) An International Trip

Be it Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean, there are plenty of international destinations along the borders of the United States. Flying international will give you the chance to experience a new culture and flying environment.


7) Fly A Warbird

They’re big, loud, and pack a punch. You won’t regret paying extra for a lesson in a piece of history like the P-40 Warhawk.


8) Island Flying

Within seconds of landing you could be relaxing on the beach with family and friends. Our suggestion? – Go island hopping in the Bahamas.


9) Go On A Camping Trip

Organize a fly-in camping trip with a couple of your closest pilot friends. Don’t forget to challenge them to a short takeoff and landing competition!


10) Tailwheel Endorsement

This is stick and rudder flying at its best. Get your tailwheel endorsement to fly planes such as the legendary Piper Cub or Stearman Biplane.


11) Fly Into A Major Airport

Flying a small general aviation airplane into a large Class C or B airport is a great learning experience. Seeing that 747 hold short for you is a pretty cool feeling.


12) Aerobatic Flying

Seeing the world upside down will give you a new appreciation for what you can do with an airplane. Don’t forget to do spin and upset recovery training while you’re at it!


13) Visit The Grand Canyon

With deep canyons that extend a mile down, you won’t regret flying around this national treasure.



14) Go To AirVenture At Oshkosh

It’s the world’s largest general aviation airshow, fly-in, and a Mecca of sorts for pilots. Do you want to go this year? The 63rd annual convention and fly-in is scheduled for July 20-26 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


15) Take Someone On Their First Flight

Pilots are some of the most generous people in the world. Remember to give back to your general aviation community and keep it alive by mentoring the next generation of pilots.

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